Regression therapy Los Angeles – Past Life Discovery

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•Tired of being single and alone?
•Stuck in unhealthy relationship?
•Have a phobia that doesn’t make sense?

What is Past Life Discovery and regression?
In a calm state of body and mind we can access “files” holding past life memories. Getting back to the source helps to release and overcome the pain. In a past life session we also gain a spiritual perspective of the events and a broader understanding of how life works and why. Instead of being hurt and angry, or judging situations as “good” or “bad,” we recognize the learning experience. Making peace with a previous life, forgiving ourselves and others, has a profound impact on our current life.


Choosing our next life – Past Life 101

“I was a rich princes” – Video Testimonial

Why don’t I remember my past lives?


Skeptic to believer

“After reading many books on past life regression, I decided that I had to try it, as I was completely stuck in my current life. I went to a superb regressionist in Asia, and nothing happened.”
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Phobia was healed!

“I called Orly to help work through a few phobias I had been suffering from for years. I’ve tried everything to get over these fears, but nothing else worked until I connected with Orly.”
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Rekindled the love

“Gale experiences hardship in her marriage. She has been married for ten years, has three kids, a mortgage and steaming frustration over various issues. “He doesn’t understand me!”
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