Past Life Regression Los Angeles

Are you

• Tired of being single and alone?
•  Always fall for the wrong person?

• Can’t leave in a bad relationship?
• Can’t get over an ex and move on?
• Wish you could rekindle the love in your marriage?

Past life regression can help!

Limiting beliefs we carry from a past life, mess up our lives today.
By recalling the past – we can heal the present!

Choosing our next life – Past Life 101

“I was a rich princess in my past life!”

Why do we choose a bad life?


Skeptic to believer

“After reading many books on past life regression, I decided that I had to try it, as I was completely stuck in my current life. I went to a superb regressionist in Asia, and nothing happened.”
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Phobia was healed!

“I called Orly to help work through a few phobias I had been suffering from for years. I’ve tried everything to get over these fears, but nothing else worked until I connected with Orly.”
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She rekindled the love

“Gale experiences hardship in her marriage. She has been married for ten years, has three kids, a mortgage and steaming frustration over various issues. “He doesn’t understand me!”
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